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We are looking for a senior and very outspoken software architect with long experience in designing and coding complex business applications. You will lead Starcounter´s customers in modularizing their software/business needs into reusable and loosely coupled components. You will also be an integral part in the process of helping the chief architects of huge ISVs to understand what shift in paradigm of software development it means with the new era of in-memory computing.

Din vardag

You are passionate about reuse and software design patterns, especially within componentization and domain driven architectures. By weighing complexity and business agility, you will understand pros and cons of different designs and together with your team take well informed decisions. Where no existing pattern can be found, you see a great opportunity to invent a new one, document it and let the world know.


  • Arbete i team
  • Centralt kontor
  • Duktiga och roliga kollegor
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  • Fantastisk utsikt
  • Flextid
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  • Intressanta projekt
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Vem är du?

You have gained a lot of experience in implementing web services and a genuine interest in microservices architecture. You have seen how consistency competes with performance as transactions get intense. You know the pain of keeping APIs up to date while maintaining backward compatibility. Maybe you are not convinced that the scaling out approach will solve the growing needs for constant access to real time data for the complete business.

We expect you to be a leader in this game. Customers will look up to you and turn to you for answers. You are the facilitator of workshops, both business and technical. You are the one who always knows what to do next. You will have overall responsibility for multiple projects and mentor developers on how to design and follow the Starcounter best practices.


  • Proficient in domain-driven design
  • Significant experience in architecting complex systems
  • Very good understanding of realizing business drivers with IT solutions
  • Previous coding experience, for example C, C#, JS, HTML.


For more information please look at the video below.

Our partner in this recruitment is Wise IT. If you want to learn more, please contact Recruitment Consultant Sam Joukhadar at 073-961 30 47 or send a mail to

Imagine working together with some of the brightest and most creative persons within IT. We are a group of software engineers and business visionaries with a mission. A mission to change the foundations of the enterprise software industry. The Starcounter information OS lets you playfully combine many micro apps into large business systems without programming. This will forever change the fundamentals of the trillion-dollar enterprise software market dominated by giants. We know that software development and applications can be much faster and much easier. With the help from our proficient R&D team, who range from PhDs in computer science to self-taught whiz kids, we create the next generation of middleware.

Software Architect for Starcounter !

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