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PRODUCT SUCCESS MANAGER TO PLATFORM 24 publicerad av Academic Work



We are now looking for a Product Success Manager to Platform 24 who wants to help build "Healthcare 2.0" by bringing the best of Platform24 to all their customers.
Platform24 Healthcare AB is a leading player in a fast-growing field that is changing the way healthcare works by building "Healthcare 2.0" through smart, easy, and sustainable products and services.

Om tjänsten
As a Product Success Manager, you bring the best of Platform24 to all their customers. The work is organized in cross-functional teams that follow a customer segment or a large B2B customer. For external customers, you work closely with a Customer Success Manager who is the commercial lead, and for Doktor24 customer segments, there will also be a commercial counterpart.

The offer

You will have one of the most important roles at one of the most interesting health tech startups in Scandinavia. Platform24 is unique in the approach to bridge the gap between online doctor visits and the existing physical healthcare.

They have very ambitious growth and internationalization plans, and your work will bring value to millions of patients. Today, only 24 months after launching their service, the team is around 75 people, consisting of engineers and doctors, plus the 100 or so doctors, psychologists and nurses that do online consultations in our caregiver company Doktor24. They offer competitive compensation and an office right in the middle of Stockholm, filled with fun and inspiring colleagues, working as one team.

You will report to the Head of Product Delivery and Implementation and will come in at a time where you can really leave your mark on the organization.

As Product Success Manager you will be responsible for the implementation plan for one or more large B2B implementation projects, working closely with the Product Development team to timely deliver products and services. You will be responsible for representing product & technical capabilities to the customer or segment and for understanding how to match customer requirements with the right mix of standard products, consulting services and configurations.


Vi söker dig som
To succeed in this role, you will need:

Vision and drive

Youre in the drivers seat for your customer segment or customer, and you will need to articulate how we can help them succeed with our products and services. We are out to revolutionize the health care system, so we keep a high pace and talk about releases in terms of days and weeks more often than months and years. You get things done, rather than talk about it and you dont hesitate to take on the different types of tasks required to get the job done.

Communications skills

You will need to constantly manage stakeholders, most importantly our customers, but also our internal teams and resources. You need to be a great listener, but you also need the presence, communications, and negotiation skills to get buy-in for your agenda. Youre fluent in both Swedish and English and speak and write compellingly.

Problem-solving skills

Youre analytical and used to working with quantitative data and making data-driven decisions. We expect you to be able to articulate and synthesize insights.


You have worked as a project manager or a technical project manager driving and implementing tech solutions in the healthcare sector or connected to the heathcare sector. You are comfortable driving the customer's agenda both towards product & engineering, but also involve other units and competencies as required.

Tech knowledge

You will be the \'product person in the room\' in many of our internal and external customer and team meetings, and tech understanding is required.

Culture and mindset

You are single-handedly focused on making your customer segments and customers succeed by building the best possible offering for patients and customers. Platform24 lives by six values: one team, build-measure-learn, move fast (but don't break things), patient and customer-obsessed, passion, and owner mindset.

Information om företaget
Platform24 Healthcare AB is a leading player in a fast-growing field that is changing the way healthcare works by building \'Healthcare 2.0\' through smart, easy, and sustainable products and services. They are owned by Investor and Apoteket AB, and work tightly together with the digital caregiver Doktor24, which is part of the same Group.
The software platform makes it possible for caregivers to guide patients to the right level of care for them, without speaking to a person. For instance, it's used by 1177 in some regions as a complement to the traditional phone service. The platform also makes it possible for patients to chat or have video calls with their doctor, or for chronic patients to report their well-being every day and get help if their condition worsens. The platform is unique in terms of how it integrates physical and online healthcare and its high level of automation. They serve 7 of Sweden's 21 regions, as well as the majority of Swedish healthcare insurance companies and many private providers. Thanks to the products, customers can deliver health care with higher availability and higher medical quality, while at the same time using tax money more effectively.



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