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Inköpare till GEMSPET i Uppsala på Poolia

Inköpare till GEMSPET i Uppsala

Poolia Uppsala, Uppsala län Heltid

Nu söker vi en erfaren inköpare för uppdrag hos vår kund GEMSPET. Uppdraget är på heltid och förväntas starta så snart som möjligt och pågå till slutet av 2022, med mycket goda chanser till förlängning. Under uppdraget kommer du att vara anställd som en av våra uppskattade konsulter. Urval och intervjuer sker löpande under processen, varmt välkommen med din ansökan redan idag!

Om tjänsten
Sourcing leader role, focusing on Obsolescence management and Last-Time-Buy (LTB), within the GE Healthcare Cyclotron & TRACERcenter Sourcing team.

Small team of 8 people working to identify and select vendors, negotiate contract and pricing as well as procuring of material for the Cyclotron & TRACERcenter business.

Background information and main current challenges that this role is aimed at addressing/supporting:
•  Cyclotron systems have very long product lifecycles and, as a result, many of the parts in those systems will become obsolete one or more times during the product lifecycle.
•  New development of Cyclotron systems can take years design and introduce. Many of the parts used in new development or modifications risk to become obsolete even before the new or changed systems are put to use in the field —and they often will have to be supported with spare parts for 10 or more years.
•  Need to monitor which parts are about to go EOL and identify what actions to take to mitigate the potential procurement issue. This is not an easy task and currently is done re-actively once situations occurs which have multiple negative impacts, such as poor engineering resource planning (as resources are pulled from existing program to solve urgent obsolescence issues).
•  To forecast how many of the components we will need once a last time buy (LTB) notice is issued by the component manufacturer is very challenging as we may need to forecast the future consumption over an extended period of time (not always specified).
•  Financial risk in last-time (LTB) buys. If too many parts are ordered, you may end up with a large inventory of obsolete parts that may have to be scrapped. If too few parts are ordered, you may have to find alternate sources or parts or in some cases, part of a system may have to be redesigned.
•  Increased frequency of part EOL notifications, mainly driven by manufacturers product consolidation (reducing its line of similar parts) and that they are prioritizing capacity to high-demand, more profitable, newer parts.
This role allowes you to work with a flexible working model (2-3 days in office/2-3 days remotely).

Dina arbetsuppgifter i huvudsak
High-level main focus areas for role:
•  Continued support for current Obsolescence management and Last-Time-Buy (LTB)
•  Parts categorization needed to enable prioritization based on the associated obsolescence risk (probability x consequence) for proactive obsolescence management, e.g.:
oUnique, single sourced parts critical to function (examples are processors and FPGAs)
oIntegrated parts which may have complex functionality but are to some extent standardized and with multiple sources (memory and power components)
oStandardized parts available from many suppliers (passive components, logic gates etc.)
•  Successful candidate will be looking at and possibly lead the introduction of a BOM scrub process for regular scanning Bill-of-Materials (BOM) to identify any inconsistencies, errors, or potential risks by ensuring the specified part numbers are correct and procurable. Main risks to check for are NRND (Not Recommended for New Design), EOL (End-Of-Life), LTB (Last-Time-Buy), obsolete or discontinued. If any of the parts in your BOM fall into any of these risk categories, they you will need to take action to mitigate a current or upcoming procurement risk. Multiple BOM management tools available on the market, such as Silicon Export, C-trends, HIS BOM Intelligence, Human Smarts, and many more.
•  Jointly with Engineering team strive towards more planned technology refresh cycles to divide the active life span of the product or sub-system into shorter manageable periods of obsolescence management. Planned technology refresh cycles also visualizes the resource requirements and enables each revision to be planned well ahead of time and minimize the disturbance to other running engineering activities and programs

This role is targeting individuals with ability to work independently without direct day to day supervisor interaction.

Vem är du?
To be considered for this role we see that you have prior experience from working with Obsolescence management with relevant industry. You have prior experience from working with BOM management tools for Obsolescence Management.
You also have experience from Excel, Word, BOM Management tool (e.g. Silicon Export or similar) and MPS/ERP system.

Not a requirement but preffered is knowledge in BSc. or MSc. in relevant technical area (electronics, physics) and Project management experience.

We see that you have developed leadership skills/project management skills and also great analytical skills. You are fluent in Swedish and English.

Om verksamheten
Poolia offers a high level of expertise in the core areas of permanent placement and temporary staffing. The permanent placement and temporary staffing services are divided into several specialist areas: Finance & Accounting, IT, Office Support, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Life Science & Engineering and Legal.
Another specialist area is executive recruitment through Poolia Executive Search. The Company was founded by Björn Örås in 1989, and in 2015 had just over 1,350 employees in Sweden, Finland and Germany and a turnover of SEK 757 million.

Please apply by registering your CV here on our website. Click on the 'Ansök' button to the right. It is our recommendation that you register as much information as possible and that you attach a complete CV-document. Please check that your correct e-mail address is registered.

Poolia is a registered staffing agency, meaning that we comply with the requirements set by Kompetensföretagen - the Swedish Association of Staffing Agencies.

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