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CNC Set-up Technician

2nd Shift (3 - 11:30 pm) or 3rd Shift (11 pm - 7 am)

Job Summary:

The primary functions of the CNC Set-Up Technician are to set-up CNC machines with jobs for production in a productive, high quality, and safe manner. Setting up the CNC machines to obtain an acceptable first piece inspection is the focus of their job.

Essential Functions: 

·  Check the Daily Production Schedule for requirements for CNC Machine Set-Ups and divide workload among other CNC Set-Up Technicians

·  Obtain job folders (engineering drawings, stacking diagrams, and setup sheets) from  CNC Office or from CAD Designer

·  Understand and confirm proper paperwork, tools, gages, and bar stock material are present for the job

·  Pull all Tooling (inserts, etc.) and Gages from CNC Tool Crib

·  Layout out all Tooling and Gages at CNC Machine to be setup

·  Return (upload) previous job program from CNC Machine and get (download) new job program to CNC Machine

·  Install all tooling into the CNC machine turret tool positions

·  Touch off tools and update program with proper tool positions

·  “Dry run” a part to confirm touch off settings are accurate (to avoid tooling interference)

·  Run part and compare to engineering drawing and make fine adjustments

·  Log into QC 2000 and prepare all paperwork (fill out Operators Checklist with proper tool positions for the Operator to make adjustments, QC Inspection Sheet with First Part dimensions) for the job. Record work order number, quantity, CNC Setup Technician’s name, program number, setup time, cycle time, and machine number.

·  Fill out setup description sheet (similar to QC 2000 information plus material type, cutoff amount, face-off amount, overall part length, etc.) and give to CNC Clerk.

·  Review First Piece with Production Manager for visual approval

·  Submit First Piece to Quality Control and answer any inquiries

·  Start first box (log in material heat number) of parts for potential Quality Control review

·  After First Piece Approval, job is ready to be passed to the CNC Operator

·  Troubleshoot CNC machine problems as needed

·  Provide assistance and guidance to CNC Operators

·  Create and edit CNC Machine programs

·  Functional understanding on how to read engineering drawings

·  Inspect parts using the visual comparator, caliper, eye loop, appropriate gages, and instruments ensuring machine is producing accurate, quality parts

·  Perform visual inspection of parts for burrs, chatters, chamfer irregularities, tits, hexes, surface finish, etc. always confirming with engineering print and first part inspection sample

·  Follow all company safety and environmental policies and procedures

·  Communicate problems to the Production Manager with suggestions for solutions

·  Change tools, make machine adjustments and offsets as necessary

·  Perform the job with minimal supervision

·  Perform other assignments as required by the Production Manager


·  High School Diploma or equivalent

·  2 years experience with the setup of Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Machines

·  Mechanically inclined in machine setups (knowledge and use of tools and measuring equipment)

·  Ability to understand English (Basic Communication Skills)

·  Basic Math Skills (measuring, use of calculator)

·  Ability to use measuring instruments such as calipers, comparators, depth micrometer, surface finish tester

·  Ability to carryout detailed and involved written and verbal instructions

·  Must frequently lift up to 25 pounds and occasionally lift up to 50 pounds